Inventory of Small Deaths - 2000

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Inventory of Small Deaths - 2000

We are used to talking about one death only. As if the limit of one life was bounded on one side by birth and on the other by death. In case we begin to widen the concept of death, we will vertiginously deduce that it is present in everything, in each micro-particle of one life and that the boundaries are expandable. The limits are precisely this place where death and life mix together in the tenuous expressiveness of a change.
Millions of cells die in our bodies every second, we fill and empty our lungs with air every second.

Between is the place and the moment of the passage. It separates what is inside from what is outside, what passes from what remains, what goes through from what is left.

Duration: 10’45”
Screening format: DV
Capture format: Super 8
Original soundtrack: O Grivo
Editing: Cao Guimarães e Francisco de Paula
Direction and cinematography: Cao Guimarães.

- Festival do Rio BR 2000. Rio de Janeiro, Brasil - 2000.
- III Festival de Cinema de Tiradentes. Tiradentes, Brasil- 2000.
- “A forma e os sentidos”- Vídeo Instalação. Museu Ferroviário Vale do Rio Doce. Vitória, Brasil - 2000.
- Objeto Anos 90- Cotidiano. Instituto Itaú Cultural. São Paulo/ Belo Horizonte, Brasil- 1999.