Two Way Street - 2002

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Two Way Street - 2002

People who didn’t know each other, simultaneously exchanged houses for 24-hours. Each one brought a portable video camera and had total freedom to film whatever they wanted in the home of this stranger during this period. Each participant tried to elaborate a 'mental image' of the "other" while along with their personal objects and their homely universe. At the end of the experience, each one gave a personal report on how theyimagined the “other”.

"Two way street" is a project that deals with the reality of the urban individual who lives alone. It is an attempt to disorganize a little bit these realities. Using a video camera the participants insert their personality (through sight perspective) into the personality of someone else that is absent. Solitudes confound themselves at some point in the flow of looking at and being looked at, of absent presence and present absence, and of identification and differentiation.

Duration: 75’00” (3 vídeos de aproximadamente 20’00” cada)
Screening format: DV
Capture format: DV
Installation format: 3-channel DVD
Images captures by the characters: Rafael Soares e Eliane Lacerda/ Paulo Dimas e Mauro Neuenschwander/ Roberto Soares e Eliane Marta
Assitant director: Marcos M. Marcos
Direction and editing: Cao Guimarães.

25th Bienal Internacional de São Paulo, Parque do Ibirapuera, São Paulo. Brazil- 2002.
56th Festival Internacional de Cinema de Locarno. Switzerland, 2004.
Narrativas. Itaú Cultural. São Paulo, Brazil-2006.