Zum Zum Zum - 2010

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Zum Zum Zum - 2010

"Zum Zum Zum" is an installation made in partnership by artists Cao Guimarães and José Bento for the exhibition of the same name at A Gentil Carioca gallery opened on October, 2010.

It consists of three fundamental elements that complement the forming of the work - one video, sound fragments and objects with colors, and public participation.
Based on the concept of synesthesia - the relationship between the senses (in this case the seeing and hearing from the colors and sounds) and a basic question asked to 16 musicians instrumentalists (what color sound of your musical instrument ?) The artists open the exhibition space for the audience itself relates these elements to move through space triggering devices (sensors) and causing an audible-visual cacophony random.

Conception: Cao Guimarães e José Bento

Sound track: O Grivo

A Gentil Carioca gallery. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.